Julie Marcuse, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Tel: 917-969-1099

Client Testimonials

  • “I had seen different therapists at different times in my life. By the time I got to you I was worn out. A friend said you had saved her life. I was sure it was an exaggeration. In the beginning, I wanted to quit all the time. You were calm, optimistic and intuitive. That infuriated me. But I hung in there and so did you. You hoped for both of us and that moves me to tears. Thank you for everything”

    – New Year’s card from a current patient, reprinted with permission.


  • “You helped me understand that my fears came from the past. I never realized my abuse history could be still affecting me after so many years. I finally feel whole. It could never have happened if it wasn’t for our work”.

    – Letter from patient having recovered from postpartum depression.


  • “No matter how depressed and discouraged I felt, after a session I felt better. It wasn’t exactly what you said. More about just being there, listening, caring. I never felt I was just another patient”.

    – Middle-aged woman who had lost her job, and had finally found another one.


  • “I always tell my gynecologist, you delivered my babies, but Dr. Marcuse delivered me”.

    – Letter from patient having recovered from postpartum depression.


  • “I got your name from my internist. I was beside myself about my daughter. Every mealtime was a fight. She was getting thinner and thinner. I felt helpless and scared. I have no words to say “thank you for what you have done for her and for our family”.

    – Note from a mother with a formerly anorexic daughter.


  • “When my partner was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I felt overwhelmed. She was much too young to die. While you couldn’t save her, you made it possible for me to accept her death and most of all, to be there to comfort my children”.

    – Note from a bereaved spouse, about a year after his wife’s death.


  • “I have to tell you that you saved our marriage. No one could have been more skeptical of therapy than me. I hate talking about emotional stuff. You are just plain good at what you do.”

    – Postcard from a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary.